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Once we have given the Post Office a few more days to deliver any last-minute entries that were postmarked by the deadline, we will have a drawing to determine the seeding order of the early entries. From this point forward, bands will be seeded by the postmark date of their deposit (or their payment of the deposit through PayPal as explained on the Registration Form).

If you did not participate in the early-entry system, no problem! Your band can enter using standard registration. The OFFICIAL FMBC 2014 Registration form is available on line. Click HERE to Register your band to participate in FMBC 2014 Semi-Finals!

A tip from one of the early registration bands - when you enter your contact phone number on the entry form, use dashes between the area code and the number (xxx-xxx-xxxx). Don't leave the dashes out or you may get an error message when you try to submit the form.

As in the past, there are two levels of Registration, Standard Registration or Premium Registration - you can choose which ever works best for your band. If your band moves on to Finals, you will receive either 20 wristbands (standard) or 30 wristbands (premium) for Finals. All other personnel needing to enter any gate will need to purchase entrance wristbands. The details are below;

$450 includes;

- 5 Staff/Director Credentials for Semi-Finals and Finals and
- 20 Chaperone/parent/staff/prop movers/bus drivers passes for Semi-Finals only


$750 includes;

- 10 Staff/Director Credentials for Semi-Finals and Finals and
- 30 Chaperone/parent/staff/prop movers/bus drivers passes for Semi-Finals only


Band Directors, if you can't participate this coming year, but would like to be on (or stay on) our e-mail list, click here.

2014 FMBC
State Semi-Finals and Finals Date
Mark your calendars now!!

NOVEMBER 22nd, 2014

Original Photos Courtesy of JoleschEnterprises.com


On Saturday, March 29th, the Island Contest of Champions was held in Nassau, Bahamas at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center. As a co-sponsor, we were there to watch this inaugural event take place.

The bands warmed up under a series of tents in the parking lot, designed to protect them from the blazing hot sun. Every seat was sold and people were waiting in long lines trying to get to see the performances. Fortunately the weather was great on the day of the event.

Twenty-one bands were on the schedule - many of them arriving from other islands by chartered boat, much as we would use charter buses here in the states. The competition was broadcast live on Bahamas television and radio - and was a spectacular success. The event used FMBC Rules, slightly modified for the unique format, which included Hand Percussion Ensembles and Drum Lines in a face-off competition and as well as Marching Bands, with participants having an opportunity to win points in each area.

To learn more about competitive marching band in the Bahamas, visit their website at  http://bimbclimited.org/ (and see if you can find FMBC's Executive Director, Cathy Kersten on the opening page slide presentation).



There is a special event just for you now in the planning stages! FMBC is working with our strategic partner, DCI, to coordinate an all-new event for us - the first FMBC-DCI 'Battle at the Beach' Drum Line Competition. The event will be held on the beachfront at Clearwater on November 21st 2014, the evening before FMBC Semi-Finals and Finals.

More details to follow...


Olympic Retreat 2013
FMBC Finals Olympic Retreat as viewed from the Pressbox - Nov 23, 2013 - Tropicana Dome, St. Petersburg Fl.
Algy Team Collection
2013 Finals Olympic Retreat 2
FMBC Finals Olympic Retreat as viewed from the Judges' Seats - Nov 23, 2013 - Tropicana Dome, St. Petersburg Fl.


With the aid of Music 'n Motion summer camps and the Central States Judges Association (CSJA), FMBC offers Scholarship opportunities for FMBC participating Instrumentalists and Guard members.

Your support is greatly appreciated by FMBC and by the many gifted students who work so hard to excel in high school band and guard, and have dreams to advance their training in music and the visual arts. If you would like to help support tbe 2014 FMBC Scholarship Fund, contact our Executive Director, Cathy Kersten at our main office.

FMBC/BIMBC Island Contest of Champions in Nassau, Bahamas
March 29th
Deadine for Early-Entry participant discount & pre-season seeding.
April 1st
CSJA Spring Seminar and Training in 2014 FMBC Standards (Indianapolis)
April 26th
Deadline for registration for the FMBC 2014 Summer Seminar
July 1st
Deadline for Sanctioned Regional Registration & Deposit
July 1st
2014 FMEA/FBA Summer Convention Altamonte Springs (Orlando area)
July 10-12
2014 FMBC/CSJA Summer Seminar for Directors and Adudicators (Orlando Area)
July 13
Sanctioned Regional Deadline for Declaring Judges for review
Aug 1st
CSJA Fall Seminar (Indianapolis)
Aug 10th
FMBC Review of Judges for Regional Shows Complete
Aug 25th
First FMBC Regionals of the Season
Sept 27th
Deadline for Revising/Correcting Class Size for Semi-Finals
Oct 27th
FMBC Semi-Finals Entry Deadline
Nov 1st
Deadline for receipt of applications for Jon Kersten Scholarships
Nov 2nd
FMBC Yearbook Photo Deadline
Nov 4th
Deadline for advance discounted ticket and merchandise sales
Nov 4th
FMBC Semi-Finals Program Information Deadline
Nov 7th
FMBC State Semi-Finals and Finals Schedule Finalized
Nov 17th
2014 DrumLine Beach Battle
Nov 21st
Nov 22nd
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